Handmade Process

Materials Preparision

Mouthblown glassware,mainly use borosilicate glass tube,the specifications are different according to different products weight and size.

Borosilicate glass is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability.

Take glass teapot for example, if the diameter is 120mm, we choose glass tube with diameter 65 mm and thickness 3.2mm.

It can withstand the high temperature 120℃ instantly;to comparewith common glass,let's do a heat resistance experiment.

Take out the common and borosilicate glass cup in the freezer

Quickly pour them into boiling water at 100℃

Common glass cup was instantly burst while the borosilicate glass cup was safe

Blowing Process

It is a process in which the glass is heated and softened and then reformed, and borosilicate glass melting point is 1800℃.

Put the long glass hollow tube on the flame nozzle, and heat the glass tube to make it soft while rotating, then continuously stretched into filaments to cut off into small pieces.

Insert the drawn short tube into one end of the hollow blow tube, and heat the other end to cut off by drawing.

Blow into the short glass tube slowly and evenly through the hollow blowpipe, so that the short glass tube expands gradually to a bubble, and then put it in the special mold.

Quickly and evenly blow and rotate rapidly the short tube until the material bubble props the entire mold. Check the bubble material before going into next step.

Insert one end of teapot mold into the hollow blow tube, then heat the position of the spout and one end of the auxiliary-assisted glass tube, and after it becomes soft, stick the glass rod to the spout position.

While pulling and blowing through the blowpipe, the glass rod will form an empty tube in the pulling direction. The spout will come out like a "Z". The process really required skilled blowing engineers.

Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!

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