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How to distinguish between machined and handmade glassware


    How to distinguish between machined and handmade glassware

    Update Time:2018-04-02

    Appearance difference:

    Machined glassware in market is very common, simpler shape, less style, more cumbersome, and the flow is poor. The transition between the cup and the bottom is stiff, but the product size specifications better.
    Handmade glassware with various decorations, modeling changes, rich styles, products are lighter and the flow is linear, obviously revealing beauty, product design can closely follow the market consumption fashion trends and give consumers more choices that can best satisfy individualized consumer claims.
    Difference in production process:
    Machine production lines are high output, usually a medium production line on the daily production capacity can reach tens of thousands or even more than 100,000, but no artificial skill content.
    For handmade, each products and each step is done manually, and the output is low. Usually the daily output of each production team is several hundred, but each product contains the craftsman’s unique skills and precise carving skills.
    Value difference:
    Mechanism products: low value, more to meet the consumer's use of features, lack of ornamental.
    Handmade products: higher value, not only for basic use of functions, but also adding a lot of pride, elegance, and special interest in life.
    Market differences:
    Mechanism products: - mainly for hotel and other group consumption occasions, rarely enter the family consumption.

    Handmade products: mainly for family consumption occasions, especially those who are widely pursuing personalized and fashion consumption.


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