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How to Store Loose Leaf Tea


    How to Store Loose Leaf Tea

    Update Time:2018-06-06

    Loose leaf tea can be expensive, so you will want to store it properly. Loose leaf tea should be closed in sealable containers, ideally stainless steel containers. Keep tea out of direct light in a dry area. Make sure not to store tea next to substances that can cause damage, such as spices.

    Part 1 Choosing the Right Container

    1 Opt for a stainless steel container in most cases.

    Loose leaf tea keeps best in a stainless steel container as this easily blocks sunlight. Many loose leaf teas are actually sold in stainless steel containers, so if your tea came in one continue to store it in that.

    • Make sure the container you choose is sealable. It's very important to seal loose leaf tea.

    2 Try a colored glass container as a backup.
    If you don't have a stainless steel container, a glass container can work as a substitute. However, make sure the glass container is colored. This will prevent your tea from being exposed to light. Do not use a clear glass container to store tea

    3 Use a paper bag only for temporary storage.
    If you bought your tea in a paper bag, and don't have any storage containers handy, it's okay to leave your tea in the bag. Tea can be kept in a paper bag if you intend to consume in the next couple of months. Just make sure to transfer the tea to a different container after a couple of months
    4 Make sure the container is airtight.
    After placing your tea in your chosen container, make sure you seal the container. Keep the lid on as tightly as possible. The less exposure your tea has to outside air, the better.

    Part 2 Storing the Tea in the Right Place
    1 Store tea at room temperature.
    Loose leaf tea should be kept in a room that's consistently room temperature. Fluctuations in temperature can damage loose leaf tea, so store it in a room where the temperature remains relatively stable. Avoid storing loose leaf tea near heaters, air conditioners, or windows
    Keep tea in the dark.
    Loose leaf tea should not be exposed to much light, especially not direct sunlight. Store your tea somewhere that's not exposed to light. For example, you can store your tea in the back corner of a cabinet in your kitchen.
    • If you do store your tea in a kitchen cabinet, make sure it's a cabinet that's away from heat sources like ovens and toasters

    3 Store your tea away from water.
    Humidity can adversely affect loose leaf tea. Keep your tea away from water that could cause humidity. Tea should be stored away from refrigerators, areas were you boil water, and any other places in your home near sources of water

    Part 3 Avoiding Common Mistakes
    Keep tea and spices separate.
    Many people throw their loose leaf tea in with their spices. This is generally not a good idea. Tea can actually absorb aromas very easily. Storing your tea near spices can affect its taste

    2 Do not use plastic.
    Never store your tea in plastic. Plastic absorbs odor and is generally clear, leaving your tea vulnerable to sources of light
    Do not put tea in the refrigerator.
    Never store tea in your refrigerator. The refrigerator will not help tea keep longer and the moisture can damage your tea. Remember, loose leaf tea holds up best when it's stored at room temperature.

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