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Hebei Hejian Approved Glass Products National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base

Hebei Hejian Approved Glass Products National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Base

March 27,2018

A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce announced the public list of the country's foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, glassware industry in Hejian City, Hebei Province was among them. The selection will help the city optimize its foreign trade structure, speed up the transformation and mode, and promote the export development.

As the largest production base of heat-resistant borocilicate glass products in the world, Hejian City has a history of more than 40 years in the process glass industry. In recent years, heat-resistant glass has made rapid progress. There are 252 registered companies and more than 60,000 employees. The annual production value is nearly 5 billion yuan, and seven types and thousands of specifications of product systems have been formed. The products are exported to North America. In Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, products include industrial equipment, heat-resistant wine sets, tea sets, smoking sets, beverage containers, daily necessities, indoor craft decorations, seven categories, thousands of specifications, and exports to 54 countries and regions.

In recent years, Hejian has continuously strengthened the top-level design of the craft glass industry, supported and guided the scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, and strengthened the cooperation between government, industry, universities and research institutes to formulate the "River craft glass industry development plan (2016-2025)", leveraging on the China Arts and Crafts Association and Qing Huamei. The hospital, the Central Academy of Fine Arts and other advantageous resources provide intellectual support for the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. At the same time, it actively cultivates and develops new export growth points, and builds in all-round the city's name card for the "Capital of China's Craft Glass" and "China's Pyrex Glass Production Base." At present, the Suntech Glass Art and Creative Center and the Technology Glass Products Museum have been completed, and the 800-acre technology glass industrial park is under planning and design.

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