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Every Bottle Has a Story

Every Bottle Has a Story

Issue Time:2018/05/17

Every Bottle Has a StoryMay17, 2018 16:32

Everybottle has a story. The story may be simple like a holiday celebration, reunionof friends, or relief from a stressful week. Still, some bottles have even moremeaning. Some bottles are from weddings, serve as family heirlooms, or areliteral pieces of history. Yet so many of them wind up on our shelvescollecting dust. Last Call Glass is committed to turning these beautifulbottles into more than just discarded trash or shelf pieces.

Thatis our ultimate goal for Last Call Glass: to turn bottles into beautifulpieces. We hope to turn memories and stories into jewelry you can bringanywhere. Take the notorious Spirits of the Tsar. This brand of vodka isextremely rare due to its complex history and availability in the UnitedStates. The bottles range in price although most are sold for over $1,000. Thehigh price comes from the nature of the drink. The vodka is made from a specialrecipe that was last held by the Romanov Dynasty in 1917. The recipe remains inRussia as it is on a limited import status of only 5,000 bottles per year. Theprocess for making this vodka were protected under a death order for anyone whoshared the distillation.

Thisbottle would make a wonderful pendant. The bottle is pictured above with itssignature coat of arms for the Romanov Dynasty. But memories do not have tocost $1,000 dollars a bottle. We upcycle all custom requests regardless ofbottle price or meaning. Also, we can turn your pieces into any wearablejewelry including necklaces or earrings. We can also turn bottles into candleholders or soap dispensers.

Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!

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