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Handmade Process

The Process of Handcrafting High Borosilicate Glass Cups:
Preparing Raw Materials: The process of making high borosilicate glass cups begins with the preparation of raw materials. The primary raw materials include high-purity sand, borax, and sodium carbonate. These raw materials are used to create the essential components of high borosilicate glass.

Mixing Raw Materials: The raw materials are precisely blended in specific proportions to create the specific composition required for high borosilicate glass. This mixture is referred to as high borosilicate glass material.

Melting the Glass Material: The high borosilicate glass material is introduced into a specially designed high-temperature furnace and heated to elevated temperatures, typically ranging from 1700°C to 2000°C. The high temperature melts the glass material into a viscous liquid.

Blowing and Shaping: A highly skilled glass artisan, known as a glassblower, inserts a metal tube (blowpipe) into the furnace, retrieves a measured amount of the molten high borosilicate glass material, and then blows air into the blowpipe to shape the material into the desired form of high borosilicate glass cups. This is a highly technical craft that requires the artisan to possess exceptional skills and expertise.

Cooling and Shaping: Once the desired shape of the high borosilicate glass cup is achieved, it is placed in a specialized cooling oven where it gradually cools to relieve internal stresses. Due to the unique characteristics of high borosilicate glass, it may require an extended cooling period.

Finishing and Decoration: After cooling, the high borosilicate glass cups undergo finishing and decorative processes, including cutting the base, polishing the edges, adding decorative patterns, and imprinting logos or designs.

Inspection and Quality Control: The finished high borosilicate glass cups undergo rigorous quality inspection to ensure there are no defects or imperfections. This includes checking the appearance, dimensions, thickness, and transparency of the cups.

Packaging and Shipping: Finally, the high borosilicate glass cups that pass the quality inspection are meticulously packaged and prepared for delivery to customers or retailers. Packaging typically includes appropriate protective materials to ensure the products remain undamaged during transportation.
Materials Preparision
Materials Preparision

Mouthblown glassware,mainly use borosilicate glass tube,the specifications are different according to different products weight and size.

Take  glass teapot for example, if the diameter is 120mm, we choose glass tube with diameter 65 mm and thickness 3.2mm.
Customization services
Customization services are a means of providing customers with personalized, tailored products or services. As a manufacturer, We can offer various types of customization services to meet customer demands. Here are some common customization service options:

Custom Design: Allowing customers to provide their own designs or logos to be applied to products. This is applicable to items like glass cups, bottles, as well as packaging boxes, and bags.

Color Customization: Customers can choose the color of the product to align with their brand or theme. This is especially useful for plastic products, textiles, and decorative items.

Size and Shape Customization: Allowing customers to select the size and shape of the product to match their specific needs. This is crucial for furniture, construction materials, and custom gifts.

Material Selection: Offering a variety of material options for customers to choose from, such as different grades of glass, metals, plastics, wood, and more.

Printing and Embroidery: Providing printing or embroidery services on textiles, clothing, gifts, and packaging, including company logos, patterns, or text.

Custom Packaging: Creating customized packaging boxes, bags, labels, or packaging materials to align with the customer's brand image and market requirements.

Quality Control: Offering advanced quality control services to ensure every aspect of the product meets the customer's requirements.

Special Decorations: Adding special decorations such as metallic foils, hot stamping, silver or gold stamping, silk-screen printing, etc., to enhance the product's appearance and texture.

Production Customization: Manufacturing products according to customer orders and specifications instead of mass production.

Custom Packaging and Shipping: Providing special packaging and shipping options to meet customer needs, including individual packaging and expedited delivery.

Sample and Prototype Production: Creating samples or prototypes for customers to review and approve before proceeding with mass production.

Sustainability Customization: Offering environmentally friendly and sustainable options, such as biodegradable materials, recycled materials, to address sustainability concerns.

These customization services can be combined and adjusted based on the type of products and customer requirements. By offering these options, you can meet specific customer demands, enhance customer satisfaction, and build long-term partnerships.

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